Emma Starr As A Sexy Teacher Getting Fucked!

by Naughty America

Emma Starr
Emma Starr makes one sexy MILF teacher!

Emma Starr Panties
Emma Starr gives us a pantie flash from the back!

Emma Starr Bra and Panties
Emma Starr in her bra, panties and glasses!

Emma Starr Ass
Emma Starr bends over so can see more of her ass, pussy and long legs!

Emma Starr Nipples
Emma Starr pulls out on her hard nipples!

Emma Starr Cock
Emma Starr gets on her knees and licks on his hard cock!

Emma Starr Sucking A Dick
Emma Starr sucks his dick right into her mouth!

Emma Starr Fucking
Emma Starr is getting fucked right on top of the desk!

Emma Starr From Behind
Emma Starr pussy just holds onto his cock!

Emma Starr Behind
Emma Starr leaves us looking over her should as he pounds her pussy from the rear!

Emma Starr looking like a MILF that I had a crush on while in school let me tell you I imagined just what she is doing above many times over!

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2 thoughts on “Emma Starr As A Sexy Teacher Getting Fucked!”

  1. Emma Starr # 1 fan by far says:

    Hello Emma
    I could miss almost miss or skip anything to watch you fuck.. I spend a lot of time watching you.. You are my favorite star, by far..You’d be amazed or freaked out at the amount of times I have jerked off to you, and successfully cummed! Could you please contact me at the above email address id love to meet you one day? (pretty please with cherry on top!) i loved this video..

  2. deano says:

    Maybe being with a teacher, may make you understand what is required to pull it off. 47 and would enjoy working on making Emma ((Jane) shake.

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